Went in last Friday night for the grand re-opening of the old Alibi, now the new ‘Garnet Lounge‘, and I couldn’t be any more dissatisfied, disgruntled and bewildered on why they would take a blue collar bar and turn it into such a Girly Bar, giving the owner high expectations and hopes that it will turn his profits around, (in my opinion it couldn’t be any further from the truth), from the moment I first seen the sign with the flashing orange and pink neon lights, lighting up Decatur Boulevard like it was hot cabaret or gay club, that this wasn’t going to be a bar rescue but a bar bomb! As we were waiting outside they proceeded to grab all the girls out of line to bring them up front for the cameras, they wanted to make it look as if all these girls were waiting in anticipation and they couldn’t wait for the doors to open, I actually went across the Street to another bar with some other disappointed patrons to wait for them to open the doors.
When I came back in it was worse than I expected, from the little Chandlers that they had hanging to the red velvet like curtains that were draped on either side of the booths, it looked to me like an upscale Nevada brothel. I didn’t stick around for any of the food or any more of the facade that was being played out.
Would I go back? I guess only to see if  it was still operating
There is one place that I really do want to check out, called the ‘Bacon Bar’, it used to be ‘Kelly’s Sport Bar’, on Rancho, they had great food, awesome service and a really nice atmosphere, but that was about three years ago when I was last in, and I would have never thought that they needed any help, so I’m curious to see what bar rescue did to them, not at all impressed what I’ve seen so far.

Moose Sighting


Last Wednesday, August 14, Eddie and I went up to Kamas, Ut, got on the road about 1700 and arrived up at Washington Lake at 0200, so needless to say a good five hours of the trip were spent driving through the dark wooded forests of Utah, one thing that is nice once you get into St. George, the air gets to be a lot more crisp and clean, and the smell of the pines will definitely let you know you’re not in Vegas anymore. Out of Kamas we took Highway 150 E. about 28 miles up to Washington Lake, ended up taking a little more time than expected for last 28 miles, due to so many dear on the road, it really was one of the more exciting trips I’ve been on a long time, once we did get to camp, I had to make a quick change, I was wearing nothing but a tank top, flip-flops and shorts I’m not sure how cold it was, but I don’t think it couldnt have been anything over 40°.
With the sun coming up in just another four hours we got what sleep we could and rose when the sun did.
Eddie’s truck was on empty, (there is no gas stations open when we came through that late at night), so we decided to go back down to town to fuel up and get some breakfast. On the way back is when we spotted this moose grazing off in the marshes, I decided to see if I get a little bit closer with my camera, and he didn’t seem to mind, the whole time I was trying to keep at least a tree between myself and that massive rack… Nature is just a beautiful thing!

Obama protesters Arrested



Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.

That is our right. After watching the video let me know if you feel that our rights are being taken away.

I hope that people out there will watch this and understand that our rights are being taking away, it’s okay for people to march for gay rights or to stop abortions but God for bid if somebody comes out saying anything against our government and our leader, so much for free Speach !
This video needs spread like wildfire!, Maybe it’ll get other people fired up, upset and angry! I know it did to me! I hate talking about negative things, I would much rather talk about the wonderful experience I had over the last four days hiking up into the hills above Kamas, Utah. But when I seen this posted on a Facebook page it really got fired up. It’s time to make a stand, check out, ‘Overpasses for Obama’s Impeachment‘, there, once you sign up, you can find out where other gatherings, marches and protests are going to take place, you can simply put in the city you live in and find out when and where the next one will be.



                                       Today’s a new day, arms wide to recieve what it may bring.

Getting all my things together for a trip east of Kamas, Utah, this is going to be more than just a hiking trip. It’s a good 8 hours for the drive, then we get to hike in at least 2 to 3 miles with camping gear strapped to our backs, this will be the first time that I’ve done this, at least with camping gear strapped to my back, it should be quite an adventure. Final destination-Three Divide Lakes, it was rated one of the top five destination’s for hiking in the US, basically for its natural beauty, not so much for the difficulty of hiking, which I’m thankful for, since my backpack is going to be weighing over 45 pounds, and I was told to abide by the ‘bear laws’, apparently there are quite a few black bears that frequent themselves around the lakes looking for food, so I’m going to bring my airhorn that I’ve had from my crane signaling days in hopes that it will be enough to deter any hungry appetites. We are prepared to catch some fish, along with hunting and trapping some small game to eat, if our hunting and fishing skills are not enough we do have dry packaged food to sustain us for three days, as long as were able to start a fire to purify the water, and as far as signals or communications go, all devices are left at home.

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